Call Huntington Beach Yellow Cab Taxi

The scene is set and there you are running late and the car won’t start. What do you do?

Call Huntington Beach Yellow Cab Taxi at 714-244-7925 and we will be there in fifteen minutes to save the day! No other cab company strives to make all our customers happy than us. That is why we are the premier choice in taxi cab transportation.

Our drivers are very skilled with maps and know the Orange County area like the back of their hand, though we specialize in the Huntington Beach area. We make it a point to minimize the wait time so you will get to your destination on time.

What do you do when you are visiting from out of state or needing to get to the airport on time?

Call Huntington Beach Yellow Cab Taxi and we will get you to the gate on time. We can also be your airport shuttle as well.

If your fare comes to $35 you are eligible for a discount. As for our discount rates and you will save some cash.

There are lots of taxi cab companies, but only one Huntington Beach Yellow Cab Taxi that specializes in the Huntington Beach area and surround areas like Fountain Valley and Newport Beach, CA.

When calling for a taxi in Huntington Beach, call 714-244-7925 and put us in your cell phone today in case you need us later.

Huntington Beach Cab Company hires competent drivers with complete background checks and that way you can rest assured that your driver didn’t have a criminal record. The training each cab driver gets is quite extensive to make your ride feel as though you are riding with a friend. Huntington Beach Taxi Cab will be your trusted companion on the road and in your leisure time. Whether going out on the town with friends or making it to an important business meeting, we are there for you.

Huntington Beach Airport Shuttle is much cheaper than paying any airport for what your car will accrue just sitting there in their parking lot! We are a much more affordable alternative to taking the airport shuttles; call us and you will discover the difference of letting Yellow Cab Huntington Beach be your driver and guide.

Huntington Beach Taxi has drivers available round the clock and every day of the week, including Sundays.

In short Yellow Cab Huntington Beach hires cab drivers who are:

  1. Dependable
  2. Competent
  3. Has background checks
  4. Knows the Huntington Beach area well
  5. Huntington Beach Yellow Cab Taxi is available for all of your transportation needs twenty four hours a day seven days a week

Did you know you can book your rides the night before by using our convenient web site at:

We also have a new web site at:

You won’t believe how easy it is to book your ride and leave the driving to our competent drivers!

Try us the next time you need reliable taxi transportation at: 714-244-7925

We guarantee to make your experience a pleasant one.

Call us today and make sure and ask for our discount rate if your fare is over $35 and you are travelling more than 10 miles. Every little bit saved helps and by asking you can hire us more often.

Life is too short and has too many problems without hiring incompetent drivers or using a service that has low customer service standards.

We put you number one so we will be the first call you make when you think of hiring a taxi for your transportation needs.

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