Reasons to call HB Cab Service

When you are thinking of calling a cab, think of only one company: HB Yellow Cab Taxi. There are so many cab companies out there that claim they have a track record of customer satisfaction. We don’t just claim we do but we live up to it every day. When you call us we try to make sure your wait time is minimal and we also hope to get you to your destination in a timely fashion. There are other cab companies who claim that they value your business. WE wouldn’t be in business without you so we do everything in our power to keep you calling us at our 24 hour number of 714-244-7925. There are many HB cabs that patrol Main Street for people coming out of the bars and clubs and we can be your designated driver when you choose to drink. Let us help you be responsible.


How many times have you thought of taking a magic carpet and flying over the cars in traffic? The cabs at Huntington Beach Yellow Cab Taxi don’t have wings, but we know every side street and short cut that most people do not. That means you will get to your destination faster with fewer lights. You won’t pay as much on the meter either because we know the Orange County area.

There is so much to see in Huntington Beach if you are visiting from other areas. There is so much to do that you will enjoy not working about parking when you head to the pier. What better way to see this beautiful city than with Yellow Cab Huntington Beach showing you the way to have fun in this youthful city. We know the highlights and the focal points to be sure and see. Just ask your driver when boarding your cab for ideas of things to do while on your visit. Also, make sure and ask for our taxi discount rate which is a 10 per cent discount on taxi fares over $35 when paying cash.

You won’t have to worry about parking or driving around looking for parking places when you keep HB Yellow Cab Taxi’s number close by. OC Taxi Service hires the best drivers so it takes us less time to get you where you have to go, costing you less money.

Have a business trip coming up? We can be your Taxi leaving from Huntington Beach to airport and can be the shuttle when you come home. Book your ride with us online at: Booking a ride has never been easier than this. You won’t believe how simple and effortless the whole process is. You also will wake up knowing you will make it to your appointment on time. HB Yellow Cab will give you the time you need to brush up on that presentation you are giving and focus on what matters. Huntington Beach Taxi Cabs are the way to go because we specialize in the Huntington Beach area. Why take any other taxi to LAX Airport when you can hire the best!

Huntington Beach Taxi Service has been serving the Huntington Beach area for ___ years and we are waiting to serve you too! Call us at: 714-244-7925 morning, noon or night.

Reasons to Call HB Cab Service:

  1. Your car breaks down
  2. You want to go out on the town and you choose to drink
  3. You don’t know the area and are visiting from out of town
  4. When you don’t feel like waiting in rush hour traffic and want to give yourself the gift of peace of mind.
  5. You are going to John Wayne International Airport or LAX Airport
  6. You had a procedure done at the hospital and you shouldn’t drive
  7. You don’t drive and need to do grocery shopping
  8. You are a woman and are coming home from work late and don’t want to take the bus

I am sure you will come up with reasons of your own to call us.

Just call and put 714-244-7925 in the contacts of your cell phone, so when you need us we will be there!

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