Why hire HB yellow cab

Huntington Beach Yellow Cab should be your first choice when hiring a cab company. Why should you hire us?

Let us give you a few reasons:

  1. We have an excellent reputation for customer service
  2. We have a shorter wait time
  3. All of our cab drivers have background checks
  4. We place you as the most important person in the world
  5. We are available seven days a week
  6. Our cab drivers are standing by twenty four hours a day
  7. We give discounts when the fare is over $35
  8. We know the Huntington Beach area better than any other form of taxi cab transportation

When you take a taxi in Huntington Beach you will be almost guaranteed to get there faster when you call us at: 714-244-7925.

You can be ahead of the game by going to our convenient web site at:


You can arrange your trip the night before making your day stress free. Yellow Cab Huntington Beach hires competent drivers who have great people skills and will be happy to serve you.

There are cabs in Huntington Beach and then there is Huntington Beach Yellow Cab. We are leaps and bounds ahead of the rest of the guys when it comes to getting you safely at your destination.

Huntington Beach Yellow Cab loves to make you happy. We are sad when we are late and care about you our customer. We value your business and want to work to keep it. Our cabs are always kept clean and are drivers do a lot more than steer the car.

When taking a taxi from Huntington Beach to either John Wayne International airport or Los Angeles International Airport; we will take you safely there and on time.

Huntington Beach taxi serves every city in Orange County, CA with a special emphasis on Huntington Beach. We are the specialists of Huntington Beach and we can be your chaperone and travel guide if you are out of from out of town.

HB Taxi Service can pamper you when you want to simply “do nothing for a day”. Working a job from 9 to 5 can get tiring. Why not do something special for yourself for all the hard work you put out?

Let Huntington Beach Yellow Cab do the driving for you. Let us take the worry and fatigue out of your day for a day and see how much better you will feel.

All of our cab drivers speak English very well too and many are bilingual. Life has its own share of problems and you don’t need to have language barriers along with your problems.

Huntington Beach Yellow Cab has more affordable rates than you think. Ask and we can give you a ball park idea of how much a trip will cost. You may be pleasantly surprised.

There are so many fly by night cab companies coming up and it is hard to know which to trust. All of our drivers are trustworthy, reliable and can help you with your bags as well as get there in a timely fashion.

Life is complicated enough. Why waste your time hiring another company when you can save yourself some time by calling Huntington Beach Yellow Cab at: 714-244-7925

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